Projets / Projects

Oeuvre de la Baleine, réalisée en taille réelle – Aéroport de La Rochelle

Artwork of the Whale, realized in real size La Rochelle Airport, France

Exposition – Musée François Pompon

Exhibition – François Pompon Museum, France

Exposition et performance – Congrès Mondial de la Nature – Marseille

Exhibition and performance – World Conservation Congress, France

Illustration du Livre « Faune Fragile » pour le Comité français de L’UICN (Union Internationale pour la Conservation de la Nature)

Illustration from the Book « Faune Fragile » for the French Committee of IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature)

Exposition extérieure – Au parc de la Maison Blanche – Mairie de Marseille

Outdoor exhibition – Parc de la Maison Blanche – Marseille, France

Exposition et performance – Esplanade du Musée du Mucem – Marseille

Exhibition and performance – Esplanade of the Mucem Museum – Marseille, France

Peinture monumentale d'une sardine par Sandrot

Photographie d’Olivier Blanchet

« Instinct, the primordial intelligence that comes to us from the belly and bypasses the neo-cortex to act in the right way, without taking the time to understand, analyze, process information, guides the brushes of Sandra Guilbot, alias Sandrot.
Her animal portraits, with a style so singular that she delivers on canvas, walls, wood, metal, paper, at first glance offer moving moments of contemplation.

But beyond a remarkable composition, a material worked in watercolor style, bright and contrasting colors playing with hot and cold, drips creating movement … There is intense emotion in the face of the hypnotic gaze of these animals. « Of all the varieties of intelligence discovered so far, instinct is the most intelligent of all, » said Nietzsche. This intelligence of the living, which is in each of us and which we have learned to repress, Sandrot has released, offering us works capable of reconnecting us to the essential. « 

Gabrielle Gautier, Urban Arts Magazine

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